the clouds to the hills

the clouds to the hills
Somewhere in Imphal

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music from Nepal

Long ago while i was doing my BSc i was introduced to Robin N Looza, a rock band from Kathmandu. I had a copy of Nepal, one of the albums of Robin N Looza. I love all the tracks in the album specially "Ma Maun Tama" and "Nepal". What i love about Robin is he is not only a great musician but also a very conscious person politically. It was also the time i tried listening to many Nepali fusion music. I still do have cassettes of these songs but i am not remembering all the bands' names. I love "Resham Feriri" and its different renditions thru different music instruments. Recently again i started listening to lot of Nepali folk music but performed by new musicians or bands or i should call them Neo-folk music. One band i really like is Kutumba, a fusion band. It seems they are the most popular band right now in and presently touring UK. I follow their FB page and they are quite actively performing everywhere, going places.
  This track hooked me to Kutumba. And recently through Kutumba's FB page, i again discovered a folk band called NIGHT. This band has every element i like, the political sensibility, the folksy sound, the melancholic touch in the voice, everything.  Check this out 

To sum up: I fucking love Nepali Music from Nepal. i dont know whats the nepali music scene of Indian nepalese. My lober has got me a traditional Nepali Sarangi which i cant wait to play. here is a pic of i. 

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