the clouds to the hills

the clouds to the hills
Somewhere in Imphal

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Blues for Machang Lalung

Here is an excerpt from an article written By Parwini Zora on Machang Lalung

"Machang Lalung, aged 77, was released from incarceration last month in the northeast Indian state of Assam after spending more than half a century behind bars awaiting trial.
Lalung had been arrested at his home village of Silsang in 1951 under section 326 of the Indian Penal Code for “causing grievous harm.” According to civil rights groups who have investigated Lalung’s case, there was no substantive evidence to support the charge against him. In any event, those found guilty of this offence typically receive sentences of no more than 10 years’ imprisonment.
Less than a year after he was taken into custody, Lalung was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in the Assamese town of Tezpur. Sixteen years later, in 1967, doctors confirmed that he was “fully fit” to be released, but instead he was transferred to Guwahati Central Jail, where he was imprisoned until this summer."

for full article read here
Below is a song called "Blues for Machang Lalung"  performed by Imphal Talkies in JNU campus on 15th November.

Blues for Machang Lalung
This is a story of guy called Machang Lalung
who spent fiftyfour years in prison.
He was released in 2006
with one indian ruppee as token bond.
He went to his village to find no one to recognise him
He remembered his stories like folktales

So he went back to the Jailer
and said Keep me back Keep me back
inside your prison
So he went back to the jailer
and said Lock me up lock me up
inside your prison.

Lead Solo at A chord

All i had was the four walls of your prison
All i spoke was silence to the walls
I got no reason to live outside your prison
O Mighty Brahmaputra River swallow me

So he went back to the Jailer
and said Keep me back Keep me back
inside your prison
So he went back to the jailer
and said Lock me up lock me up
inside your prison.

Lead solo at A
O this land with Mighty River
This land with thick forest
has made me shiver for fifty four years
in prison
and it wants me to walk free
when i am withered and dying...
O they woke me up when i am dead
And listen it to

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yumlembam Ibomcha

Yumlembam Ibomcha- a noted manipuri poet who emerged in late 1960s along with Thangjam Ibopishak under the influence of Sri Biren has published three books so far. His first book was a collection poetry named "Shandrembi Thoraklo Nahum Ponjel Shabige" The book was named by his friend and fellow poet Thangjam Ibopishak. the book was released in 1973 and won him Manipur State Kala Akademi Award. His second book which is a collection of short stories "Numitti Ashum Thengjillakli" won him Sahitya Akademi Award, Delhi. He also won the same award for translation this year. 
Picture courtesy:Tehelka

He also has published an anthology of poems in two volume named "Shingnaba" with poets Ibopishak and W. Ranjit

Below is a poem by Ibomcha translated from Meiteilon by Robin S Ngangom::

Story of a Dream

Who else will dream
Such a dream?

I was having a dream, a very pleasant one,
It began almost like a nightmare.
It was our home, quite dark inside;
On the floor, their entrails spilling,
Bodies of children lie about
Like rats run over by vehicles.
I tread cautiously, taking long steps.
But walking on running blood
My soles are sticky anyway.

Very carefully, with great effort,
I emerged, opening the door,
There lay before me a long road unrolled.
In the distance, hazy and blurred,
Some people were strolling too.
Gun barrels stick out in neat rows
From both the left and right side of the road.
Muzzles of guns –
Even in the nooks and shaded spots
Of fields and meadows.
One gun barrel near my cheek,
Another muzzle beside my lips.

Someone yelled – ‘Fire’
O they’ve opened fire, I’ve been shot.
A bullet struck my cheek.
What’s this!
Is being shot by a gun as silky as the caress
Of a young woman’s hand!
How happy I am being shot,
This bullet shooting into my mouth
Is also a mellow grape.
I shout – if grapes are bullets
Shoot me again and again.

Like June’s deluge
They were shooting relentlessly.
There piled up before me – grapes, almonds, raisins.
It’s hilarious!
It’s hilarious – the sound of gunfire,
It’s the soothing strain of the flute, the sitar, the violin.
It’s more hilarious than I can tell –
Flowers of lovely colours
Blossomed from the barrels of the guns.
A soft wind began to blow gently,
Sunlight of virgin gold streamed over hills and valleys,
Parties of young women
Their hair redolent with the scent of herbs and
Faces blooming with joy began to walk
Gracefully before happy young men.
The elderly too walk all spruced up
As if on their way to a wedding.
Women on their way to the marketplace,
Women returning, greet each other cheerfully,
And laugh in unison.

This is all a dream.
I’m dreaming, I know, while I’m still asleep.
Even so, I don’t want to wake up just yet.

Who else would dream such a dream?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The booklet

Picture courtesy: Danny Maisnam

Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Logo for Burning Voices

The logo was created by Rakesh who is one of the members of Burning Voices

our booklet has come out

Our poetry forum anonymous fireflies has come up with a poetry booklet named "OUR PRIVATE LITERATURE". We will distribute the booklets in JNU and Miranda house. I hope this will help us in reaching out to others who haven't heard of our existence as poets or victims in a society like Manipur. 
The booklet consists of fifteen poems by young eleven poets. We have been dreaming of something to publish. we now realize it is not a big deal to publish such a booklet, it doesnt cost anything. Now we are planning for a graffiti. Hope it too comes out soon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A weekend of music

Ahhhh..It was a hectic weekend of lots of music. Me and Da Sanjeev performed a couple of songs in the event organised by New Socialist Initiatives as Irom Sharmila has completed nine years of fasting to repeal AFSPA, 1958 at Arts Faculty, Swami Vivekanand Statue in Delhi University on last Friday i.e 6th of November. We sang five songs. four of them are mine, one by Da Sanjeev.

And the next day we peformed at en event organised by Centre for NE studies, Jamia, on the same issue.

After these two events we are asked to perform at many places.
This sunday we will perform at JNU in an event org by Progressive Students Union.
On 20th Nov at Miranda House.