the clouds to the hills

the clouds to the hills
Somewhere in Imphal

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sinead O'connor

I am hooked to her music for the moment. Love her politics in music. She is fucking radical. Known her for years but never got chance to dig her music deeply. And again it was my sleepless night that led me to her music and it embraces me.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A morning after a sleepless night

                                 This picture describes me perfect.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

o Lisa

O Lisa
I think I am in love with you.
Thank god!
you left Damien Rice
He was just a mouse

O Lisa i don't really speak good english
i don't really know how to swim or dance
but i cook real good

 O Lisa
Do u have your umbrella open?
here it is monsoon, started in June
Will you share it Umbrella
with me?

O Lisa
you dont know me
but still you sing to me
how sweet of you!
wish i could give you an Irish rose

O Lisa
I will learn to bake pizza
I will learn all your songs
 and write letters to you.
if u dont mind i would like to meet you

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Office

It is thom yorke singing in my office and my fab india cup listening to it while my netbook facebooks and the pencil waiting for the first line of a poem while the mouse felt the silent cold of the air conditioned room

Engel gi atiya, suki yaki,etc

 we went to the city for suki yaki. on the way i realized i am obsessed with the sky here. the sky here is so clear, it is like i have never seen it. may be it looks the same in my hometown, but i forget how the sky looks in my hometown. May be i am so occupied in my hometown that i dont notice its beauty around.
This dog came to me after i had my suki yaki. i cud not serve anything to the dog. Poor dog.

Suki Yaki in preparation
 Almost every student in the campus has this kinda bike
Sky of July

engel gi atiya
here i have come across three kind of beers. Leo, Singha, Chang.

Chang is my fav
Burin and one of his students. very blur though.
 Pit and me, pic taken by chathika
 the sign below says smoking not allowed.