the clouds to the hills

the clouds to the hills
Somewhere in Imphal

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Punk Beat Zizek Crimson Me Rain

Spent whole night witout sleep, came to office at 7pm, made myself a cup of coffee and a cup of pounded rice, it was my breakfast. and it rained, still raining. seems like the sky is pouring me farewell rain. My seven months here is over now. am i getting emotional? may be little! these people are so nice they have embraced really as a fren. Last night they gave me a farewell party too. What wud i miss about thailand? Surey  wud miss this office  and my room the most.
I am writing crap, i know, right now. I am just trying to be productive but no way i can be productive. A sleep deprived man can be productive only in terms of sleeping. But cant go to sleep, have lotta thing to do. need to go to bank. need to empty my bookshelves, need to trash all these lousy physics research notes i made in all these months, need to give away the guitar to the owner, need so many things..above all these my room is in a mess! as usual!
                                     At Terrace Bar: my farewell party
                                                {The rain}
By the way, watched a documentary film on the english punk band "The Clash"
Love it thoroughly and learnt more about how political the band was. Same time realise a band can't exist long enuf once they get popular. The same story goes for Sex Pistols too. I have always been a great fan of Sex Pistols and will remain so,,whenever i hear the word PUNK nothing comes to my mind except Sex Pistols and Johny Rotten's vocal screaming out "I am Anarchist"...i was introduce to Sex Pistols when i was doing my bachelor by my fren romesh. immediately i fell in love with the band. my fav track was "EMI" but after i learnt the stories behind each songs i love all the tracks.
And I dont like Sid Vicious at all,  to me he was just a dumbfucked man.

these last few weeks what i did at night was to watch documentary films.
I have watched so much on Slavoz Zizek that now every night i need to watch him talk. What i like the most about this guy is he makes Philosophy sounds interesting and easy for people like me. Long ago i tried reading essays on Existentialism. But i hardly could digest those works by Camus or Satre. at one time i was reading Camus' essay the "myth of Sisyphus". Still i like Camus! but not understood everything by him or Satre. here i dont know how to relate Zizek to Camus. but what i mean is thru zizek i am able to understand what philosophy means. and Zizek is a good start to begin with for me. couple of years ago Zizek was speaking in delhi, a fren asked me to accompany him but i refused. but now i regret it so much.

And the other night i was also watching this documentary film "Rebels: An Underground Journey part 2". The film was on Beat Generation and the beat poets and writers.The film revealed many new things for me like i never knew Burrough had sexual relationship with Ginsberg. kerouac also talked about how the word Beatnik is inspired by the word SPUTNIK in a french TV show.

And after a long time i listened to KING CRIMSON"S album BEAT and reminded me how crazy i was about the band and still i am.


The bus named "Further" with which Ken Kesey along with his friends traveled all over doing their Mind Expansion test. Ken Kesey was 26 and a student of creative writing and became a guinea pig for LSD experiments conducted by the CIA and later used this experience to write "One flew over the cuckoo's nest." and It was the Grateful Dead era u can say that looking at the colors on the Bus.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music from Nepal

Long ago while i was doing my BSc i was introduced to Robin N Looza, a rock band from Kathmandu. I had a copy of Nepal, one of the albums of Robin N Looza. I love all the tracks in the album specially "Ma Maun Tama" and "Nepal". What i love about Robin is he is not only a great musician but also a very conscious person politically. It was also the time i tried listening to many Nepali fusion music. I still do have cassettes of these songs but i am not remembering all the bands' names. I love "Resham Feriri" and its different renditions thru different music instruments. Recently again i started listening to lot of Nepali folk music but performed by new musicians or bands or i should call them Neo-folk music. One band i really like is Kutumba, a fusion band. It seems they are the most popular band right now in and presently touring UK. I follow their FB page and they are quite actively performing everywhere, going places.
  This track hooked me to Kutumba. And recently through Kutumba's FB page, i again discovered a folk band called NIGHT. This band has every element i like, the political sensibility, the folksy sound, the melancholic touch in the voice, everything.  Check this out 

To sum up: I fucking love Nepali Music from Nepal. i dont know whats the nepali music scene of Indian nepalese. My lober has got me a traditional Nepali Sarangi which i cant wait to play. here is a pic of i. 

Monday, September 3, 2012


My term in Thailand as post doc is getting over this month. I will miss Thailand, its people and the food mostly. Now What next? is the biggest question in my life.
I am not applying for another post doc, i think i am done with physics even if sticking to it will only provide me my bread and butter. But I am done whether i  starve or not.

I have few music projects coming up which are very exciting. I am really looking forward to them. and hopefully i will be able to finish writing my folk  rock opera and will be recording them by hook or crook. This project has been on my mind for last four years. Thank God I have music, otherwise i wud have been so pointless as a thirty one years old man.