the clouds to the hills

the clouds to the hills
Somewhere in Imphal

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday, 30th June

Saturday! i woke up pretty late as i felt all this week i was deprived of sleep. Woke up at 2.30pm, had my tin fish-bread meal and went back to sleep after checking mails. Got up at 6pm washed lotta clothes and headed for office bicycling lisetning to Swarathma's new album Topiwaleh.  through out the day even in the sleep something was bothering me and it was my unfinished research paper that i have been working on for past few months. I am trying all i can to finish it asap. But i am real slow when it comes to physics. All those years of PhD i spent playing music in the streets of delhi and wondering about poetry and protest. being a manipuri has taken away lotta things from me. but i dont regret it a bit of it. I am kinda enjoying everyhting. Sometimes I am too stressed but it is alrite.

On my way to office i stumbled upon Khampee and Pit excising and they asked me if i am interested in going out with them for dinner. So we went out together squeezing three of us in Pit's cool bike. this happens often not the first time. it is just that i manage to get a pic today.
(Me, Khampee, Pit)
After dinner we were ready for Namkin. namkin is like a hot ginger soup which i find very good for my throat. here is a pic of the Namkin stall 

Friday, June 29, 2012

June 26th

And the cloud came growling "You lousy creatures, what civilization u talking about",,then not even a pinch of civilization left on the road...

these pics were taken on 26th June, 2012. I had no idea it was drizzling. I have been shifted to a new office recently and i have no window to see the outside. so when my frens called me to join them for dinner i went out just to see these beautiful clouds and rain. yes we had awesome dinner too
 I had something called "Salmon teriyaki" which was awesome but it also reminded me of the hindi gali "Saley Teri Ma ki" :D

Me and my Bicycle

i used to ride a Honda moped around here in Naresuan University, Phitsanulok,Thailand. Since the owner of the moped arrived, i have got this bicycle from another fren who is kind enough. I am loving bicycling. The best part is to bicycle back to my room from my institute at midnight listening to Dave Mathews Band's proudest monkey or Dylan's idiot wind. :D if it is windy then it only adds the awesomeness part.


This is my first ukulele bought with my first salary as a post doc here in Thailand at this institute called "Institute for Fundamental Study". Seen here is also my office. It has been a year i have been digging Beirut's music. their music inspired me to play Ukulele. As i have picked up how to strum certain chords, i have composed many tunes with this Uke. I am hoping to record some of them and include in my next album of Imphal Talkies. what i lobe the most about Uke is its folksy sound and how convenient it is to carry around and travel. Mine is a concert Uke which is bigger than suprano. By the end of my post here as postdoc i am thinking of buying a suprano too. I simply love ukulele.